Facial Mist/Toner/Aftershave

Glow is a refreshing and hydrating facial mist/toner that is also an excellent aftershave.

Witch hazel (non-alcohol) is an astringent that works for all skin types.
Lavender hydrosol is balancing and soothing. Hydrosols are produced from the distillation of essential oils from plants.
Aloe vera juice is soothing, especially for sun damaged skin.
Tamarind seed extract is a powerful humectant that improves skin hydration, elasticity & smoothness. In one study, it was found to outperform Hyalauronic Acid in skin moisturization.
Green tea extract is rich in polyphenols that inhibit oxidation damage to skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory & astringent qualities.
Panthenol is a vitamin B that helps repair damaged cells.
Hydrolyzed oats contain oligosaccharides & protein that moisturizes and softens skin.

2 fl oz / 60 ml
4 fl oz / 118 ml